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Relax and Spoil Yourself at MC Beauty Aesthetics

All of our beauty treatments will be delivered with professionalism, transparency, and the personal touch.


We offer a wide range of Aesthetics, KRF & IPL, Dibi Milano, Facials, Beauty Treatments, Waxing & Massage Treatments. Our services are available for both men + women. Please see our treatment prices below.

KRF (Keramos Radio Frequency)


8 treatments recommended (1 per week)

Eyes, Forehead or Lips (or 2 areas for £100)20 mins£80
Face + Neck (book 3 for £300 saving £60)40 mins£120
Breast & Décolletage30 mins£100
Neck10 mins£55
Book 8 treatments, get 1 free treatment
Book 10 treatments, get 2 free treatments
Body Shaping

12 treatments recommended (2 per week, 4+ days apart)

Upper Arms or Tummy 30 mins£100
Buttocks30 mins£100
Front or Back of Thighs 40 mins£120
Buttocks, Front & Back of Thighs (saving £100)70 mins£260

SkinBase (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Reduction

IPL for Face & Neck

Our 6 session package saves you 30% on the regular prices.

Treatment1 Session6 Sessions
Upper Lip£40£168
Upper Lip & Chin £60£252
Between Brows £25£105
Sides of Face£50£210
Full Face£100£420
Full Neck£90£378
Back of Neck£65£273
Front of Neck£65£273
IPL for Body

Our 6 session package saves you 30% on the regular prices.

Treatment1 Session6 Sessions
Upper Back£115£483
Lower Back£115£483
Full Back£185£777
Chest & Abdomen£185£777
Stomach Line£55£231
Bikini 20£70£294
Bikini 50£105£441
Bikini 70£110£462
Bikini 90£125£525
Full Back & Shoulders£210£882
Shoulders & Upper Back£175£735
IPL for Arms & Legs

Our 6 session package saves you 30% on the regular prices.

Treatment1 Session6 Sessions
Upper Legs exc. Knee£150£630
Lower Legs inc. Knee£150£630
Full Legs£250£1050
Half Arms£105£441
Full Arms£150£630
Feet & Toes£70£294
Hands & Fingers£70£294
Full Legs & Bikini£300£1260
Upper Legs & Bikini£185£780

*Please note that a patch test is required on all IPL treatments.

Dibi Milano Facial Treatments

Calm Perfection Facial (For Sensitive Skin. Recommended course of 5 treatments.)60 mins£75
White Science Facial (For Pigmentation, Acne Scarring & Dull Skin. Recommended course of 5 treatments.)60 mins£110
Pure Equalizer Facial with Mud Mask (For Oily & Acne. 1 treatment every 4 weeks.)60 mins£75
Pure Equalizer Facial with Biocell Mask (For Oily & Acne. 1 treatment every 4 weeks.)60 mins£95
Acid Infusion - All Skin Types (Recommended course of 3 treatments.)50 mins£90
The Gold Line Facial (For Dull, Tired & Ageing Skin. 1 treatment every 4-6 weeks.)60 mins£120

Facial Treatments

Microdermabrasion Facial (Book for 8 sessions for a 20% discount)50 mins£35
Nimue Deep Cleanse Treatment60 mins£40
Nimue Thermal Detox Peel (Book for 5 sessions, get 1 free)30 mins£55
Nimue Active Rejuvenation Treatment (Book for 5 sessions, get 1 free)60 mins£65
Opatra Dermisonic Facial45 mins£60
LED Light Therapy Facial40 mins£40
Microdermabrasion & LED Light Therapy Facial90 mins£60

Beauty Treatments

*Some of the treatments require a patch test (please enquire for info).

Eyebrow Shape / Waxing15 mins£8
Eyebrow Tinting*15 mins£8
Eyebrow Shape, Tint, Lash Tint*45 mins£20
Lash Tint*15 mins£8
Cluster Lash Extension30 mins£12
Brow Lamination45 mins£35


Eyebrows15 mins£7
Upper Lip10 mins£5
Chin10 mins£8
Lip & Chin15 mins£12
Underarm15 mins£12
Forearm15 mins£12
Full Arm30 mins£18
Full Arm (Men)30 mins£22
Half Leg20 mins£15
Full Leg45 mins£22
Full Leg (Men)45 mins£25
Bikini15 mins£12
Chest (Men)45 mins£27
Back (Men)45 mins£27

Massage Treatments

Swedish Full Body Massage60 mins£45
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 30 mins£28
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